They say Drake needs to make 100 new friends in the next 4 weeks.  So this is in invitation for everyone in the area to come say “Hi” to the puppy.  He should be meeting other dogs too, so if you have a dog feel free to bring the dog along also.  With all of his vaccines not done for 6+ weeks, this key socialization must be done with “safe” friends and dogs.  To all my “unsafe” friends, well you will just have to wait to meet Drake 🙂

Below are pictures of Drake with his dragon pal, Elliott.  And yes, as a puppy, chewing on the hands of his new friends is a standard greeting technique.

Drake Meeting Elliott

Drake Meeting Elliott







Drake Greeting Elliott

A Standard Drake Greeting


Drake Carrying Elliott

Best Buds







Drake Hanging With Elliott

Hanging Out






Drake Napping with Elliott

Nap time



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