As summer started, I asked Drake if he wanted a cone. He said yes, but I’m pretty sure he was thinking ice cream cone. In reality, it was time for neutering and the cone that comes with it.


Drake Unhappy in Cone

Drake expressing his feelings about wearing the cone

Normally, it’s about 10 days in the cone, which is difficult but bearable for both him and me. Unfortunately, this time wasn’t normal and he was slow to heal properly. So the cone stayed on.

Drake surviving in the cone

Drake still in the cone, wondering how long it will last

Luckily, all pouting aside, Drake is actually fairly easy going. And he figured out how to do the things he enjoys.

Drake in Cone with Stick

Drake enjoying a stick outside, even with the cone

After 30 days the cone did finally come off and instantly it was as if he never had it on.

Drake Jumping Again

Drake back to running and jumping

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