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As summer started, I asked Drake if he wanted a cone. He said yes, but I’m pretty sure he was thinking ice cream cone. In reality, it was time for neutering and the cone that comes with it.


Drake Unhappy in Cone

Drake expressing his feelings about wearing the cone

Normally, it’s about 10 days in the cone, which is difficult but bearable for both him and me. Unfortunately, this time wasn’t normal and he was slow to heal properly. So the cone stayed on.

Drake surviving in the cone

Drake still in the cone, wondering how long it will last

Luckily, all pouting aside, Drake is actually fairly easy going. And he figured out how to do the things he enjoys.

Drake in Cone with Stick

Drake enjoying a stick outside, even with the cone

After 30 days the cone did finally come off and instantly it was as if he never had it on.

Drake Jumping Again

Drake back to running and jumping

Once spring arrived and the weather turned nice Drake just loved to be outside. Well, to clarify, he was happy to play outside all winter. I was the one who always wanted to head inside out of the rain and cold.

Drake ready for the tennis ball

Drake ready for the tennis ball 🙂






One of Drake's many expressions

One of Drake's many expression





Laying on the cool grass chewing a stick

Laying on the cool grass chewing a stick

Weight (Then): 63.4 pounds

The puppy quarantine has lifted.  Drake has completed his puppy shots and is free to roam the world.  We wander farther away from the house on our walks, he comes with me as many places as possible, and he has started puppy class.  He is no longer the tiny, fragile puppy I brought home.  Pretty soon he will even lose that (new) puppy smell.

Weight: 36.4 lbs

Drake on Bed

He grows so fast 🙂

A new part of the morning routine is the feeding game. Instead of breakfast being a few minutes of inhaling food, it’s play and eat at the same time. Luckily Drake hasn’t taken to playing with food from his dish at other meals.

He really does enjoy it and is quite good at it. Sometimes he loses focus after about 10 minutes, but he reengages. It is  good to feed both the body and the mind.

Weight: 23.8 lbs

Drake Feeding Game 1

Feeding Game 1

Drake Feeding Game 2

Feeding Game 2

Drake Feeding Game 3

Feeding Game 3

Drake Feeding Game 4

Feeding Game 4

Drake Feeding Game 5

Feeding Game 5

Drake Feeding Game 6

Feeding Game 6

Drake Feeding Game 7

Feeding Game 7

The creature grows and is eating everything.  And by everything, I mean everything he can get his mouth on.  The vet says he is doing great and everyone in the office was happy to see him.  I guess the extra roughage is good for him.

Weight: 17 lbs

The Creature Grows

What? It was on the ground.

They say Drake needs to make 100 new friends in the next 4 weeks.  So this is in invitation for everyone in the area to come say “Hi” to the puppy.  He should be meeting other dogs too, so if you have a dog feel free to bring the dog along also.  With all of his vaccines not done for 6+ weeks, this key socialization must be done with “safe” friends and dogs.  To all my “unsafe” friends, well you will just have to wait to meet Drake 🙂

Below are pictures of Drake with his dragon pal, Elliott.  And yes, as a puppy, chewing on the hands of his new friends is a standard greeting technique.

Drake Meeting Elliott

Drake Meeting Elliott







Drake Greeting Elliott

A Standard Drake Greeting


Drake Carrying Elliott

Best Buds







Drake Hanging With Elliott

Hanging Out






Drake Napping with Elliott

Nap time



Drake had a nice visit to the vet and got to meet all the nice people at the office, as well as a couple of dogs. As you can see below he was very good and got lots of compliments, including on his name tag.   He even got an official diagnosis of Very Cute from the vet 🙂
Weight: 10.7 lbs

Drake Waiting

Patiently waiting for his name to be called







Drake on the Exam Table

Not so sure about being up high on the exam table














Drake Outside

Drake home from the vet and running free

Origin of Drake
GENDER: Masculine
USAGE: English
Meaning & History
From an English surname derived from the Old Norse given name Draki or the Old English given name Draca both meaning “dragon”.

Drake 7 Weeks

Drake at 7 Weeks